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A Warm Welcome from our Founders!

Meet Jayme Barrett

Embracing health, wellness and a positive lifestyle has been my passion since I was a little girl. My beautiful mother raised my sister and I on healthy foods, yoga, meditation, natural skincare and much more. I distinctly remember her using cold-pressed olive oil to moisturize her face. She was applying oils for beauty way before it became popular like it is today.

After graduating UCLA and spending some time in the entertainment industry, I yearned for a life that was more aligned with my holistic upbringing. I fell in love with feng shui, got certified, started my business in 1997, wrote a book “Feng Shui Your Life” that ended up on LA Times best-seller list in 2003 and have never looked back. My daily passion is to help people live happier, healthier, more inspired lives and luckily I can do that with feng shui consultations, workshops, wellness retreats around the globe and Zweena!


The Origins of Zweena…

In 2008, I traveled to Morocco on vacation and met Zouhir, my future husband and co-founder of Zweena. (Read our story here). After falling in love with Zouhir, along with Moroccan Argan and Rose oil, we launched our company in 2012. Here at Zweena, we hand blend our beauty serums and elixirs in small batches that are effective, luxurious, eco-friendly and 100% healthy. No synthetic or chemical ingredients. Ever.

We believe you are Zweena (“beautiful’) inside and out… and deserve products from Mother Earth that deliver results. As we continue to travel the world discovering beauty rituals and natural ingredients, we are also committed to lifting women up by working directly with fair-trade women’s cooperatives. We feel especially blessed to support and visit regularly the Berber women in Morocco who make our organic precious argan oil. Love is in the air here and we are sending it out to you!

Learn more about the many benefits of argan oil, how to use it in your daily beauty routine and feel free to join our online community on Facebook and Instagram!


Zouhir Yakoubi

Originally from Casablanca, Zouhir has worked in management for many of Morocco’s finest 5-star hotels. His knowledge and familiarity with Moroccan and Berber culture, philosophy and beauty rituals gives ZWEENA Body Care a unique perspective of the importance of sustainable, fair-trade argan oil. Fluent in English, French and Moroccan Arabic, Zouhir has been instrumental in working directly with the Argan cooperatives to ensure we purchase the highest quality organic argan oil. Zouhir and Jayme live in Los Angeles, California.


ZWEENA Body Care is dedicated to Jayme and Zouhir’s beautiful mothers who’ve spent their lives being loving, compassionate and healthy role models. The name ZWEENA (meaning ‘beautiful’) is inspired by Zouhir’s mom who abundantly uses the word for everything in this world that’s beautiful, delicious and wonderful.



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