Zweena means “beautiful” in Morocco and brings together our love for ancient beauty traditions, pure natural ingredients, sustainable harvesting and support of women in fair-trade cooperatives.

Falling in love with argan oil, Morocco and each other…

When a friend invited Jayme Barrett, best-selling author of Feng Shui Your Life, to visit her in Morocco, Jayme never thought she’d meet her future husband there. It was on the third day of her exotic vacation when she met Zouhir at a beautiful hotel in Tangier. That’s when the romance began. Sometime in the middle of her next six trips to Morocco (all the way from California), Jayme discovered the amazing benefits of argan oil.

On one of her Moroccan visits, Zouhir bought Jayme pure argan oil, his country’s miracle moisturizer, as a gift. Within minutes of applying the argan oil, Jayme’s skin felt hydrated, silky and replenished. She became enamored with its natural nutrients and amazing results for her face, body and hair so they went to visit a Berber women’s Argan cooperative a few hours southwest of Marrakech. It was very special to meet the women who were hand-cracking the precious argan nuts. Jayme bought many more bottles of organic argan oil for her friends and family who also fell in love with it. As their long-distance relationship blossomed, so did their conversations about bringing pure organic argan oil to the U.S.

Since Jayme’s work has always been about helping people simplify and energize their spaces and lives, Argan oil (with it’s multiple uses and benefits) was yet another way to simplify women’s beauty routines. Pure Argan Oil has everything one needs to nourish, moisturize, heal and beautify the face, hair, body and everything in between!

Married in 2009 and now living in Los Angeles, Jayme and Zouhir have spent a lot of time in Morocco, visiting the women’s fair-trade argan oil cooperatives. Combining their passion for Moroccan culture and beauty practices, healthy lifestyle choices, natural and organic skincare, support of Berber women and sustainable harvesting, they created Zweena Body Care – Argan Beauty Elixirs of Morocco. Formulating Zweena Argan Elixirs without the use of chemicals, artificial ingredients or animal testing is their standard.

As we all move towards a more natural, organic and eco-friendly way of life, Zweena Body Care will continue it’s commitment in creating a healthy line of natural beauty products based on organic argan oil direct from the beautiful country of Morocco.

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