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Beauty By Britanie “I Have Fallen in Love with Zweena Argan Oils!”

Britanie Faith, an organic beauty advocate, green make-up artist and wellness advocate who blogs at BeautybyBritanie says: 

“I am so happy to have discovered this beautiful and passionate brand. I have fallen deeply in love with both of these oils.”

“Within just a few days of using them, any dry patches that I had left over on my skin from the cold winter months have completely diminished and I have stopped using my heavier moisturizers at night and have replaced them with these light and incredibly hydrating oils. I love to use the Pure Argan Oil to moisturize my face at night and to put through my damp hair after showering. I also love it for using around my eyes. The Argan Rose Rejuvenating Serum is my favorite for daytime wear and is flawless under makeup. My favorite products are those that you can use for many different purposes and these two oils have no shortage of that… face, body, hair, nails, the uses are endless. These two oils now have a permanent place in my beauty routine.”

Read Britanie’s full review here.

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