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Travel & Beauty Writer Ajablue Recommends Zweena for Acne-Prone Skin

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Travel and beauty writer, Ajablue, spent the summer in Morocco and brought Zweena Argan Rose Rejuvenating Serum with her! Typically, we recommend using the Pure Organic Argan Oil if you have acne-prone skin. Ajablue found that the Rose Serum really worked for her. She writes:

“The sun shines brightly in Morocco, particularly during the summer months. Sometimes the roads are dusty and I get tired….And a bit lazy with my beauty regime. As a result, my skin began to suffer about two weeks ago. I broke out. My face started to look haggard and dry, likely due to the Moroccan sun.


To get my body back on track, I pulled out a new favorite from my beauty case: Zweena Argan Rose Rejuvenating Face Serum.

Who is it good for?

  • This has been truly effective for me, a woman with sundamaged, acne-prone skin. I am glad I had this in my beauty bag while I’ve been traveling.
  • This would also be effective for women who are concerned with anti-aging.
  • It’s a soothing compliment for to use with other treatments because the ingrediants are so pure.


1. After washing my face in the evening, I first apply tea-tree oil with a Q-tip to my acne-prone areas in order to combat the pesky pimples that come with stress. Though the tea-tree oil is effective, I find it to be a bit harsh.

2. To sooth my skin after washing and treating, I apply 4 -5 drops of Zweena Argan Rose Rejuvenating Face Serum all over my face and neck. It absorbs quickly and my face immediately feels soothed and nourished, like I’m serving it food.

3. In the nighttime, I will apply a few extra drops, and wear Argan Rose Rejuvenatig Face Serum as a night cream. If it’s daytime, I can either go bare, or apply a little bit of SPF-infused concealer.

The Result.

“3 weeks of this routine has made my skin feel more resilient, more luminous, and healthy. I look more awake.” 

I think the Argan Rose Rejuvenating Face Serum is superior to a standard case of argan oil because of the added benefit of the rose and pomegranate oils.”

Read Ajablue’s full review and many more posts on her experience in Morocco, here.


Zweena Argan Oil on “Responsible Consumerism”

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It’s always wonderful to find a customer review of our Zweena Pure Argan Oil and we were especially happy to see it posted on a Facebook Group page called Responsible Consumerism.”


Thanks to happy customer Ariana Malone for sharing your enthusiasm!

“I’m telling you, this stuff is amazing. Its the only thing I put on my face to moisturize and it works like a charm. Not to mention, the Zweena brand is sustainable harvested and I can feel good knowing exactly where one of my beauty products originates! You can buy it online and their customer service is wonderful. It’s actually a really generously sized bottle and I use it for everything, hair, face, hands, lips, etc!”

Facialist Alexandra Wagner Loves Zweena’s Pure Argan Oil!

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Alexandra Wagner is a veteran beauty expert, skin care specialist and licensed esthetician who brings years of experience in organic skin care from New York’s Madison Avenue to the beaches of Los Angeles. Alexandra was looking for an organic argan oil to use in her facial treatments and to sell in her spa. A client recommended Zweena Pure Argan Oil and Alexandra loved it! Here’s what she says:

“We love using Pure Organic Argan Oil in our facials. When your skin is in need of extra nourishment, Argan is a wonderful oil as it doesn’t clog the pores.”

“It’s emollient but lightweight so it doesn’t feel heavy on your skin. It can be massaged into dry skin to replenish and soften, or a drop or two can be used on more oily skin to help balance oil production and help diminish any surface dryness sometimes associated with acne prone skin. Zweena argan oil a wonderful source for this special oil.”


Eco-Makeup Artist Megan Porschen loves Zweena Argan Oil!

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Megan Porschen – Megan, an eco, organic, cruelty-free make-up artist in Los Angeles whose philosophy is ‘beauty loves nature’ is a huge fan of Zweena’s Pure Argan Oil and Argan Rose Rejuvenating Serum. Megan writes:

“I recently discovered an amazing company called Zweena which means ‘beautiful’ in Morocco. They make incredible quality organic argan oil and I love it! It is an ethical company who supports its workers in a fair trade, co-op environment. The oils are lovely and I specifically love and am a huge fan of Zweena’s Argan Rose Rejuvenating Serum.

I’ve tried a few different brands over the last two years and this one is ‘the one.’ The quality is perfection. I use it on my face as a nighttime serum. The smell is lovely and my skin feels softer because of it! I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to soften their skin naturally. Their Pure Argan Oil is non pore-clogging, and is used in the hair and on the body as well. There are no petrochemicals or chemical preservatives in their products and the dark glass helps to preserve the oils!”

Megan is a frequent eco-beauty contributor to MindBodyGreen. Check out her green beauty article where she shares her own clean grooming regime and favorite natural brands. At night, she moisturizes with Zweena Argan Oil!


Celebrity Facialist Shani Darden loves Zweena Argan Rose Serum!

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Shani Darden, Hollywood’s well-respected esthetician and beauty guru, is known for her brilliant anti-aging treatments. Her clientele includes leading ladies such as Jessica Alba, Minka Kelly and Mandy Moore who all swear by her facials.

After using Zweena Argan Rose Rejuvenating Serum on her clients, Shani had this to say:

“As an esthetician, I always use chemical peels and do extractions. At the end of my treatments, I use the Argan Rose Serum which calms and hydrates the skin leaving my clients looking amazing!”Shani Darden

We are thrilled that Shani is using Zweena and achieving great results!