Miron Tomato Test

We, at ZWEENA, want to ensure that our Pure Argan Oil, as well as our Argan Rose Serums and Elixirs are preserved in the highest quality glass bottles. We researched for months and are thrilled to offer our elixirs in dark violet bottles from Switzerland. Violet glass works like a natural filter that only allows the violet spectrum of sunlight inside the bottles, which protects and improves the quality of ZWEENA oils. Here is a test that was conducted with a cherry tomato. Look how well preserved the tomato is after seven months.

Storage Test with Tomatoes

In order to more easily prove the quality protection given to food stored in violet glass, a microbiological experiment was carried out with cherry tomatoes. During this test, a cherry tomato was stored for 7 months in a white glass and in a violet glass, and then kept at room temperature where sunlight could reach it. The result was photographed after 7 months. The microbiological changes of the tomato stored in white glass can be clearly seen. The tomato stored in violet glass however shows no loss of color and no signs of drying out.