Sherri C in California – Quick absorbing and silky smooth, the Zweena Argan Ultra-Nourish Eye Serum is a divinely scented under eye oil that leaves my skin hydrated and renewed. A luscious, nightly treat for the eyes and a true pleasure to use!

Susan L in Iowa – The Argan Oil and Argan Rose Rejuvenating Serum is a set I absolutely love. I have been using these and all of Zweena products for several years. The Argan Rose Face serum has a wonderful and very light scent of rose (as in freshly picked rose). Each morning and evening I apply this to my face. I like the fact that it seeps in to the facial skin without leaving a greasy/oily feeling to the face. The facial serum leaves my skin feeling and looking healthy. The Pure Argan Oil I apply to my hands and once again it does not leave the hands with an oily feeling. If you your hands gets dried easy from washing or the environment, Pure Argan Oil will keep them hydrated. I also use it on my arms and legs. My feet loves this product, it keeps my soles soft. I also apply the Argan Oil to a few recent surgery scars to help keep the scars pliable. Zweena is the only facial/body care product that I use.

Angela W in Canada – Zweena Eye Serum is one of the most soothing serums that I have used. The skin around my eyes look and feel softer with very minimal aging. I am very particular about what products I use on my skin especially around my eyes, I look for natural organic products that only enhance my skin and the environment. I truly love Zweena Eye Serum!

Karen D in Rhode Island – The Argan Oil and Rose Serum set is absolutely fantastic! I use the Pure Argan Oil all year here in New England. The winter wind (and skiing in Maine) takes its toll on my face. This product always restores moisture and satisfies my dry cheeks and nose!! I use it nightly before bed. The Rose Serum smells like acres of rose bushes ~ delightful on any day! Besides its fine line & wrinkle removing properties, a dab under my nose or on my wrists relieves the stresses of daily living and makes for restful sleep too! I’ve been using these products for over two years ~ they make me happy!! Try them – you’ll fall in love!

Brielle H in New York – I’ve been using Zweena Argan Rose Lustrous Hair Elixir for about 3 months, and now it has become the only product I use when blow-drying and straightening my wavy hair. I used to have a whole regime of products I put on before and after doing my hair to control frizz and make my hair soft, but now I just use Zweena Hair Elixir and my hair looks & feels amazing every time! Basically I put a few drops on my hair when it is still damp, then blow-dry and straighten it. After I am all done, I put a few more drops on my hair to tame any flyaways and make it extra shiny. I am much happier with using Zweena over my other hair products. I know my hair is being nourished now, instead of dried out from using styling products that were full of silicone & other chemicals. I highly recommend this product, especially to anyone who straightens their hair as much as I do!!

Marsha C in California – I absolutely love Zweena’s Pure Argan Oil! I have super dry skin and you can use this for your entire body, even your hair to make shiny and health! Every night before bed I use this on my hands and face, it’s a wonderful product! I also love Zweena’s Argan Ultra-Nourish Eye Serum. It comes in a roller-ball for easy application, smells amazing, is super absorbent and feels great! I highly recommend all of Zweena’s Argan oil products!

Cheryl K in California – What I love about this Zweena Argan Rose Face Serum is how quickly it absorbs into my skin without sitting on the surface like some other oils do. I noticed an immediate improvement in skin tone on my face, it looks healthy and moisturized. Also, I’m usually allergic to fragrance but this has a delicate rose scent that I love without activating my allergies. I’m not allergic because the scent comes from actual roses, not a chemical fragrance. I’m on my 2nd bottle and will definitely order more when it’s finished!

Peggy S in Connecticut – I’ve been using Zweena Eye Serum for a couple years and love it! The rollerball applicator makes it go on smoothly and it absorbs really well. It’s a great moisturizer in the am before I put on my make-up and I also use it at night along with Zweena’s Argan Rose Rejuvenating Serum on my face, which I also love. The area around my eyes feels soft and looks smoother. The bottle actually lasts a long time. An important thing to me is that it’s all-natural without any preservatives. I highly recommend it!

Denise K in California – I LOVE Zweena’s Argan Rose Hair Elixir!! I use it every day on my hair – the fragrance is heavenly – and sometimes on my skin as well. It feels so nourishing and my hair shines more than it used to. It’s my favorite gift to give women friends and everyone I’ve given it to orders more on their own. I’m a huge fan of Zweena!

Heather D in Massachusetts – Zweena means beautiful and that’s just what this Argan Oil is! I have been using in for about three years on my face and hair and the results have been amazing! It makes my skin so soft and it is does not make you feel greasy or oily. I have combination skin so I was nervous about putting oil on my face but this actually helps and does not cause breakouts. The packaging is also beautiful!

Janet T in New Mexico – I have been using Zweena products for a couple of years. I use the Argan Rose Rejuvenating Serum every morning and night. I have noticed an amazing difference in the smoothness of my skin and the dark spots have all but disappeared. I use the Pure Argan Oil primarily on my hair. My hair tends to be frizzy and the Argan Oil helps so much. I love Zweena and you can’t go wrong with any of the products.

Stella in Florida – This eye serum quickly became a beauty essential for me. Light and absorbent, I can use it day and night. At 50 plus years it has the skin around my eyes looking smooth and healthy. I also love that it is organic and fair trade. Good for me. Good for the planet. You can’t go wrong this one!

Deanna B in Kansas – My experience with Zweena Argan Beauty Elixirs is wonderful! Most people guess me to be in my forties, I am 69 years old. I have always taken good care of my skin, in fact for the last 6 years have used moisturizers and cleansers that are all organic. This last year though I did notice a change and was very excited to try Zweena Argan Rose Rejuvenating Serum. It is amazing! I love it and what it is doing for my skin. Before long, people will tell me I look like I am in my later thirties! I love the scent! It is light and pleasing, it feels so good and absorbs fast enough for me to apply blush, eye shadow, eyeliner and a little lip color. That is all that I use now. I recommend it to everyone. I am a big fan of this product!

Rose L in California – I’ve been using Argan oil since I first traveled to Morocco in 2011. When I came across Zweena’s line of beautifully pure oils and essences, I fell in love with it. I’ve been using the Pure Argan oil and Argan Rose Serum for 2 years now as part of my daily facial and body regime so when Zweena launched their new Eye Serum, I immediately ordered it. I’ve been using under eye cream for a long while, trying many different formula’s and brands but without great result. Having used the Zweena Eye Serum for eight months, I can honestly say that the small lines and creases around my eyes have vanished leaving that delicate area soft and smooth. I use it every night before bed and love the light silky feel. My eye area often feels tense and dry at the end of the day and rolling the serum feels like a little healing tool to melt away the small tensions and pour nourishment back in. Buy it. Use it. You’ll love it! 

James B in Michigan I had never heard of Argan oil before, but my wife purchased the Zweena oil after her hairdresser told her about it. She has been putting it in her hair and on her skin after showering and loves the results. I’ve had these dry patches on my elbows for the past few years, and haven’t been able to get rid of them with scrubbing in the shower and several applications of moisturizers. My wife started putting 2 drops of the argan oil on my elbows at night and then I put 2 drops in the morning after my shower. Within 2 weeks the dry areas on my elbows are gone, and the region around my elbows and triceps is now soft. It seems like the moisturizer was sitting on top of the dry skin, whereas the argan seeps into and softens the dry skin. I wish I had known about this a couple of years ago. Thanks for creating such a great product!!!

Tamara Nobles in California – I normally don’t write reviews, but have to say how much I love the Zweena Eye Serum! I prefer natural oils on my delicate skin rather than lotions and this product is great. It goes on smoothly, isn’t greasy and makes my eye area look hydrated and moist. I especially love the roll on tip for easy application and no spillage. It’s just the best!

Julia C in California – Zweena’s products are heavenly!! I love both Argan Ultra-Nourish Eye Serum and the Argan Rose Rejuvenating Face Serum set. I live by the glorious rose scent. I feel my heart opening up when I breathe it in. I love the soft feeling of rolling the eye serum around my eyes–my skin drinks it in & feels moisturized and never greasy. Their serums and elixirs are consciously-made & smell divine!

Sue B in Wisconsin – Zweena Argan Rose Rejuvenating Serum has such a wonderful and natural fragrance to it.  Every time I apply the serum to my face, neck and chest area, it’s like smelling a fresh picked bouquet of roses.  Not only is the scent of Argan Rose calming, I wake up with a wonderful glow to my face. Another absolute must is Zweena Pure Argan Oil.  My hands and cuticles tends to dry out from washing them throughout the day at work. The oil has done wonders to my hands, cuticles, arms and my feet.  Sometimes, I will mix body lotion and the oil together then appy to my legs.  Even my hair benefits from the oil when applied lightly to it, without making my hair look oily or greasy.  I ordered a bottle for my mother, and she is excited to use it on her hands, which also tends to dry out, especially in winter. I have been able to simplify with Zweena’ products.

Lila P in Philadelphia – I’ve been using Zweena’s Argan Ultra-Nourish Eye Serum for four months and just love it! It is an elegant emollient that feels like a nutrient rich rose scented Liquid Satin as it glides under my eyes. Every time I put it on, I feel an immediate quenching of the delicate skin. I’m so happy they incorporated Marula and Baobab oil into the blend since they are amazing oils as well.

Tamara N in California – I’m a big fan of Zweena and have been using the Rose Rejuvenating Serum for my face for 1.5 years. When they came out with the Argan Ultra-Nourish Eye Serum, I bought it right away. I love the compact size so I can carry it with me easily. I think the roller ball tip is brilliant so I don’t have to use my own fingers to apply it. I also love how smooth and silky it is, how fast it absorbs and how it feels nourishing to my delicate eye tissue. I highly recommend it!!

Susan H in California – My husband and I spent an amazing and unforgettable week in Morocco in 2012. Prior to our trip I had never heard of Argan oil and now I am in love with it. We had the chance to visit the Argan Coop where Zweena buys their oil. Watching the women make the argan oil from the nuts by hand was a beautiful process. The rose infused oil (Argan Rose Rejuvenating Serum) feels glorious on the skin and smells amazing. Prior to discovering argan oil, I would never have allowed oil to touch the skin on my face. Now I am a convert!

Joan C in California – I’ve been using Zweena’s Argan Eye Serum for about six months. It’s very moisturizing and with the roll-on top, it goes on so easily. I love the feel of the oils and I do think the deep lines around my eyes are looking much better. The other thing I love is how easy it is to take with me on trips. The bottle is perfect for travel! I also am a faithful user of Zweena’s Argan Rose Face Serum that I can’t live without. If I don’t put it on for even a few days, I really feel the difference in the moisture level of my skin. As others have said, the rose scent is amazing!

Sherry D in the Mexican Riviera  – I have always taken good care of my skin and have tried many products over the years. But after using Zweena Argan Rose Rejuvenating Serum I have seen a substantial difference compared to everything else. My skin feels more supple, moist and actually glows! It also smells heavenly, and I love the fact that it’s organic and supports women in Morocco. Kudos and thank you, Zweena!

Von S in Australia – I’ve replaced my usual rosehip facial serum with the Zweena Argan Rose Rejuvenating Serum and it is divine! Love the subtle scent and the 100% Pure Argan Oil in my hair is gorgeous. I use it as a treatment and the result is luscious, shiny locks. So happy with the oils! Thank you!

Vida N in California – I have worked for major skin care companies and used many great products most of my adult life. The last and best product I used was an organic oil made by a French company which I was no longer able to purchase here in US. I was searching for several years to replace it and by luck I was introduced to Zweena Argan Rose Rejuvenating Serum. The minute I tried it on the back of my hand I knew I found my lost love…but even better! Zweena has a wonderful scent and leaves my skin smooth and flawless. It doesn’t leave my skin greasy. I have been using Zweena every night on my face and around my eyes and finally said goodbye to three different products I have been using since I was not able to find my ex-love. Now I must declare Zweena is my new love and recommend it to everyone. Enjoy!

Elisabeth P in California – Zweena Argan Rose Serum is exquisite. Comprised of organic hand-crafted Moroccan argan oil, rose, pomegranate, evening primrose and rosehip seed oils, this subtle bouquet of golden liquid, is a delicate profusion for the senses! It is instantly hydrating and creates a sense of well-being and joy while nourishing the epidermis. What remains? Radiant skin and lifted spirits. Both Organic and Fair Trade, Zweena Argan Oil Elixirs  are THE eco-conscious beauty choice for goddesses everywhere: which means you! Enjoy, Share, Celebrate~

Susan J in Norway – I bought the Argan oil a few months ago and started using it in my hair as a overnight treatment and also for split ends. I have been doing this regularly and now my hair has a “fresh look”, it’s easier to groom and it shines!! I went to my hairdresser today and she said my hair “didn’t seem dry and lifeless as usual.”  I told her about the argan oil and she said: “Wow, I know that it’s good and I surely can see the result in your hair!” I used to color my hair and it gets even dryer. I recently did another color treatment and I am happily impressed that with the oil treatment my hair is still shiny and healthy looking. Also, I treated a few “bad areas” in my scalp with a few drops of oil directly to the spots. After a week or so, the itching and the dry areas were so much better! Every night I massage a few drops of oil into my face and neck before I put my night cream on. I can clearly see that my skin has a much better glow and doesn’t appear to be dry or “dead looking” now in wintertime. The price for the product is very reasonable!!!!!!!

Toni B in California – My search for a natural beauty product that really works is over! I started to use Zweena Argan oil as a facial moisturizer and loved the way my skin began to look and feel. It makes my skin so soft – and even though it’s an oil there is nothing oily or greasy feeling about it at all. Now I’ve started to use it on my hair, too. It gives a wonderful, shiny look and feel. I just love it!

Paula H in Florida – I received Zweena Argan Rose Rejuvenating Serum as a gift a few months ago, and I have to say, just the sensory pleasure alone of its refreshing hydration and delicate bouquet, would have been more than enough to make me a continuing customer. However, once I saw the added invaluable benefit of the Serum’s transformative effect on my complexion, I became a Zweena convert for life!

Jill V in Turks & Caicos – I absolutely LOVE these products. The Rose Serum not only smells divine (I wish I could eat it!), it’s done wonders for my complexion. I spend a lot of time in the sun and, although I use sunscreen religiously, it’s impossible to avoid the effects of the sun completely. I use the Argan Rose Serum alone, and also sometimes under my night cream if my skin is extra dry, and people have been commenting on how glowy and great my skin looks. The Pure Argan Oil is like a gift from the heavens….seriously! I use in in my body lotion, in my hair, on lips at night….everywhere! I am addicted! Thank you, thank you, thank you for making these products!!!

Laura L in California – I tried the tester of Zweena Argan Rose Rejuvenating Serum on my hand where I have eczema  and when I got home, I noticed the eczema had calmed down, stopped itching and seemed to be healing! I was so excited about the possibility of finding something to cure my eczema that I drove back to the beauty shop before it was closed to purchase the Serum and get started on treating my eczema with it right away. I also used it on my cracked heels last night and it seems to be healing them too! I was so pleased with your Serum that I bought the 100% Pure Argan Oil for my hair the next day. Looks beautiful! Thank you so much for making it!  

Julie E in New Jersey – The Argan Rose Rejuvenating Serum rejuvenates my skin and re-hydrates it better than anything I have ever used. My skin is a mix of dry and oily and can be very sensitive to new products but not to this one. Within days of using the Argan Rose Serum people noticed a visual difference in the youthful and smooth appearance of my skin….and I noticed the softness and real hydration.

Tammy W. in California – I bought the Argan Rose Face Serum and Pure Argan Oil Set and am already back to buy more for myself and Christmas presents for the holidays!  The Rose Face Serum is so smooth and non-greasy, yet super rich and hydrating and smells really nice! My husband prefers using the Pure Argan oil as an after shave, and I like it for my hair. It might sound silly too, but I am also in LOVE with the bottle designs as we just went away for the weekend and neither one of them leaked at all in my overnight kit, which so many oils tend to do. Basically, I highly recommend this product for anyone looking for a natural, dual healing body and hair care product!

Karen B in Texas – Great product! I’ve been using Zweena elixirs for several months. After pastel painting for long hours, my hands take a beating. The Pure Argan Oil nourishes the skin and cuticles in an unbelievable way. Zweena Argan oil is especially great for tired feet and dry skin on the feet. Okay, it’s great all over. You feel like you’re doing something really good for yourself and you are!

Nancy P in Florida – I’ve used many high end face products in my life and I’m so very happy with the Zweena Argan Rose Rejuvenating Serum. I’m turning 55 next month and have lived in Florida for 40 years. I was a sun goddess until I had three skin cancers taken off about 5 years ago so now hats and sunscreen are a must. I’ve been putting the Argan Rose serum on my face and the left-over on my chest. I wish I had before and after pictures! The lines on my chest are almost gone and my face feels so much softer. I’m looking forward to hearing what my facialist says about my skin. I’ve been going to her for 10 years. Very happy with this product!

Eileen G in California – I love these products! I use the Pure Argan oil on my very dry hair, and this product keeps my hair much smoother and shinier than Moroccan oil. The Argan Rose Face Serum smells WONDERFUL and I love the softness it brings to my skin. Great holiday gifts!

Liz S in Texas –  The Argan Rose Serum immediately refined and replenished the moisture in my face all day long; and left a lovely scent and moisturizing effect on my cuticles. I used the Pure Argan Oil on my dry scalp where it moisturized without feeling greasy, leaving my hair more lustrous. And it takes very little oil, just a drop, to achieve these benefits! I’m a walking commercial! 

Victoria S, Owner of Chelsea Square in New Jersey – My customers love the 100% Pure Argan Oil & Argan Rose Rejuvenating Serum!