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Romy Raves (Beauty Blogger Extraordinaire) loves Zweena’s Argan Rose Serum!

Here’s what Romy of Romy Raves fabulous beauty blog has to say about Face Oil Serums. Thanks Romy for including Zweena in your favorite serums!

My Latest OBSESSION: Face Oil Serums

I have a confession to make, I have been keeping a secret from you . . . . for last six plus months I have been having a love affair with an exciting new skincare product category: Face Oil Serums. You see at first, I was a bit reluctant to try these new oils because my experience with the oils in the past was that were greasy, heavy, comedogenic and just sit on your skin. Old school oils made me want to run, hide and avoid them at all costs, so you can understand why I was gun shy. Well, I am excited to tell you that the innovative new face oils of today are a completely different story! In contrast to their cloying oil ancestors, today’s face oils are lightweight, instantly absorbing, hydrating, anti-aging, non-comedogenic and filled with mostly natural ingredients that transform you skin!

And I’m OBSESSED with them! I can’t get enough of these emollient dry oil miracles. My skin just loves them, it drinks them in, they fix my problems, heal my irritations and work wonders on my somewhat dry aging skin (although many are great for oily skin too!) When I travel they save me, when I get an aggressive treatment and my skin is inflamed they bring it back to life, but mostly these oils rejuvenate my skin and make it look luminous and healthy on a daily basis. Here is one of my favorites!

Zweena Argan Rose Rejuvenating Face Serum  ($58) 


“I love the gorgeous intoxicating scent, how it is the perfect level of moisture for my skin and that it makes my face supple and radiant.”

This addictive face serum contains argan oil, rosehip seed oil, pomegranate seed oil, evening primrose oil and the Queen of all essential oils, Moroccan Rose. This aromatic oil serum is very high in antioxidants, essential fatty acids and vitamin-rich botanicals and it helps to diminish fine lines, hydrates and soothes your skin, promotes cell renewal, improves suppleness and makes your skin glow.

To read Romy’s article in full, click here.

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