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Evening Primrose oil

Zweena Argan Rose Serum on Ediblefacial.com

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The lovely Sarita Coren, beauty and wellness advocate behind the blog Ediblefacial.com, believes in “Peace on the Skin and Peace Within!” We agree and were thrilled to have her include Zweena Argan Rose Rejuvenating Serum in her post: 8 Divinely Delicious Ways to Use Roses in Skin Care. Below is an excerpt that includes her review of Zweena.

As one of the most beautiful flowers, roses offer some outstanding, beautifying properties. Specifically, roses can defend the skin against aging, balance redness, and lend an overall feeling of equanimity.


Zweena, which means “beautiful” in Moroccan, harnesses the anti-aging benefits of elegant Moroccan rose oil and combines it with hydrating argan oil, rosehip seed oil, pomegranate seed oil, and evening primrose oil for its intoxicating blend, Argan Rose Rejuvenating Serum, $58.

It boasts USDA Organic certification, as well as ECOCERT certification.

I love this company’s candid story (interestingly, there’s love involved!) and its attention to pure natural ingredients, sustainable harvesting, and support of women in fair-trade cooperatives. But it’s the addition of rose oil that really sets this product apart from other argan oil options.


Seed to Serum review of Zweena Pure Argan Oil & Argan Rose Serum

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Thanks to Megan, the lovely lady behind the blog Seed to Serum, for her positive review of Zweena’s Pure Argan Oil and Argan Rose Serum! She was very impressed with the quality of our oils…read her review below. 

“I have a bit of a scent obsession with rose. There is just something about rose that is decadent and intoxicating – it seems to wrap your body in its floral warmth. So you can imagine my excitement when Zweena asked if I would like to sample their Argan Rose Rejuvenating Serum. A rose-scented face oil? Why yes, I would love to try that.

Though this serum smells lovely, what’s more impressive is the roster of reparative carrier oils – argan, rosehip, evening primrose. It has been awhile since I’ve used a face oil with argan as the main carrier oil. And to be honest, I missed it. Argan oil holds a special place in my heart – it was the oil that started my obsession. My proverbial gateway drug. But aside from nostalgia, I love argan oil because it is non-greasy and packs a nutrient punch. The high Vitamin E content reduces inflammation and repairs imperfections. Everything an acne prone girl looks for in a face oil.

And if you are interested in anti-aging benefits, you’ll love rosehip and evening primrose oils. Rosehip is packed with Vitamin A, which provides your skin with all the cell regenerating power of a retinol, without the nasty, drying side effects. And evening primrose is remarkably healing containing an extremely high concentration of Gamma Linolenic Acid. Trust me, these lovely oils are the answer to your sun damaged skin woes.

So how does this oil perform? I have been using it day and night and I love it equally for both. It is light, non-greasy, and beautiful under makeup (i.e. skin looks dewy, not shiny.) And even for someone as picky about moisture as I am, this oil was all I needed at night. Somehow without multiple layers of different moisturizers, my skin still looked hydrated and fresh in the morning. Look at me – embracing minimalism (well as close as I’ll ever come to it.)

And since I’ve gone on and on about argan oil, you might be curious about Zweena’s Pure Organic Argan Oil. The quality of this oil is exquisite  What do I mean by quality? I’m just going to go ahead and say it – cheap argan oil stinks. You don’t have to worry about that with Zweena. This oil has a faint, lovely smell and absorbs into skin like a dream!”


Review of Argan Rose Serum by Beauty Huile

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Thanks to Nav Mundi, beauty oil expert and founder of BeautyHuile for her glowing review!

What is it: Only the most luscious Rose based Argan face serum ($58) to hit the senses and sink in speedily. Another Rose? No, not quite. Rather, enjoy the demure whiff of a memorably Moroccan Rose, which enthralls with its sweet tenderness that never ceases to end. Jarring at first, it never skews towards a screech in its unfold from what may have been the plushiest imaginable petals. Fully refined through and through. No other essence comes in betwixt your skin and the gentle touch of femininity of thiszweena* Rose.

Why it matters: Only a handful of Argan serums have earned the coveted USDA approval, which means the oil is pretty much good to eat. Skin food as some say, the eye-opening serum is a hearty cocktail of Argan (to rejuvenate), Rosehip (to promote cell turnover), Evening Primrose (to improve skin’s structure) and Pomegranate Seed (to improve tone) carriers. EcoCert is happy with the organically sourced oils (founder and author Jayme Barrett met with 15 co-ops before settling on the one that produced this Argan), so you should be, too. See instant results overnight with just a few drops of this lightly viscous serum, which when left overnight leaves skin buttery soft.

Why it impresses: Moroccan Rose. I was going to wax poetic about the merits of sourcing Argan from those famed fair trade co-ops, but some cool hunters beat me to the punch. Steam distilled from fresh petals and used since the 1600s for its incomparable effects to moisturize and soothe, Rosa Damascena is popularly known to treat fine lines, scarring, mottling and even…sexual frigidity? Um, I’ll take history’s word for this last one. I quite like using a dense Rose serum after steaming the pores open, exfoliating the week’s grime out of my pores and washing off a great mud mask. A well-done rose oil invariably freshens the new glow and ensures optimal moisture levels. This is important as we head into dry season and the chronic overuse of heaters.

The Final Word: A congenially delightful face serum to dovetail into anyone’s choice of night creams.

*Zweena, you ask? It means ‘beautiful’ in Morocco. 

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