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Zweena Review from Run On Organic!


An active, organic & healthy way of living is what Jesica Cockerham, the lovely blogger behind Run On Organic, shares with her readers. After using Zweena Argan Elixirs, she writes:

I have always heard of Argan oil, but had yet to try it. The best way to try something is in its pure form so, enter: Zweena. Using this oil on my face appears to treat all of the problems you could have with your skin. For me, it’s mostly redness, blemishes and dry skin (around lips and nose) in the winter months. I find it to be everything it promises to be. It is entirely organic and effective–what more could you ask for in a facial oil? I have been pleased with this oil. I apply it to my face right after washing–using the droplets of water still on my face to spread the oil on evenly and easily. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a purely organic product to apply to their skin.

Thanks to Jesica for reaching out to us to try our products! Read her full review here.


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  • Yhenskye says:

    Under eye cream for super sensitive skin?Hi there. I have erllay sensitive skin. Like if I change products, try to get a facial or attempt to exfoliate, I get a red patch with little bumps within 24 hours. I then have to go to the doctor to get a ointment to make it go away or it’s there for a year. It’s nuts. Regardless, I found Dr. Hauschka’s line which is all natural blah blah and it’s working well. However, after 5 years of using the under eye balm, I suddenly am having a reaction. Don’t know if they changed the formula or what but it’s just not cutting it anymore. So now I’m looking for some suggestions on alternative eye creams for sensitive skin. I always have used it more preventively I don’t have wrinkles to puff up or dark circles fade so no need for anything harsh like retinol which will destroy me! I just like slathering on a thick cream to hopefully ward it off in the future! Thanks in advance!

    • admin says:

      Hi there! Our Zweena Ultra Nourish Eye Serum is incredibly soothing and moisturizing for around the eyes. It’s not a cream but an oil that you can roll-on under your eyes and around them. Many people have reported that it has gotten rid of dry areas, red areas and milia. Check it out under SHOP – FACE AND EYES. Also, you can read the reviews on our review page. Our whole line is natural and organic. This eye serum has a very slight natural rose scent. Most people use it day and night. Good luck!

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